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Documents from Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Inc.

Studies, Valuation and Policy Documents, Land Use Plans

  • Mangrove Ecosystem Assessment, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Barbados
    • Full Report with all attachments, 691 pages - Adobe PDF (42MB)
    • Full Report, no attachments, 65 pages - Adobe PDF (1MB)
  • Graeme Hall National Park Land Use Conflicts Q&A
  • The Wetlands of Graeme Hall Series 1 - Challenge to Conservation Policy
  • The Wetlands of Graeme Hall - An Initial Assessment of Value
  • The National Strategic Plan of Barbados 2005-2025
  • Physical Development Plan (Amended 2003)
  • Barbados Physical Development Plan (Amended 1986)
  • ARA Study Part 1 - Tourism Development Programme, "Graeme Hall Swamp Today"
  • ARA Study Part 2 - Tourism Development Programme, "Graeme Hall Swamp's Future"
  • The Graeme Hall Swamp Technical Visit to South Florida, U.S.A
  • Economic Valuation of Wetlands: A Guide for Policy Makers and Planners


  • Then & Now
    • This map shows the planned development of all dry parklands at Graeme Hall by the Government of Barbados. These lands were originally promised as a regional green buffer park zone between Greater Bridgetown and Oistins in the 1988 Barbados National Physical Development Plan.
    • Map - Adobe PDF
  • 100-year Floodplain at Graeme Hall Map.
    • This map shows the 100-year floodplain at Graeme Hall. The RAMSAR Wetland boundary follows the 100-year floodplain contour on the north, east and south.
    • Map - Adobe PDF
  • Settlement and Land Use Policy Map - 1988 National Physical Development Plan, Map 20.
    • Shows the original Graeme Hall green area classified as "Major Recreational, ""Open Space" and "Special Environmental Control" between Greater Bridgetown and Oistins.
    • Map - Adobe PDF
  • Land Use Map - 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan, Map 4.
    • In conflict with the Settlement and Land Use Policy Map and the 1988 National Physical Development Plan, this map shows Government conversion of most of the Graeme Hall green area north of the Natural Heritage Conservation Area to a classification of "Predominantly Residential."
    • Map - Adobe PDF
  • Barbados System of Parks and Open Space Map - 2003 (Amended) National Physical Development Plan, Map 6.
    • In conflict with the Settlement and Land Use Policy Map and the 1988 National Physical Development Plan, this map omits the original "Major Recreational" and "Open Space" land classification north of the Graeme Hall Natural Heritage Conservation Area. In 2008 the Government of Barbados officially abandoned the 1988 "Major Recreational" and "Open Space" designation for this land, and converted the classification to "Predominantly Residential" as seen on 2003 Land Use Map.
    • Map - Adobe PDF
  • Land Use Conflicts Map (2009) - Proposed Graeme Hall National Park lands (approximately 240-acres)
    • This map summarizes the differences between the 1988 and 2003 National Physical Development Plans, and land status within the proposed 240-acre Graeme Hall National Park.  The map also shows how the 100-year floodplain has been designation an international RAMSAR Wetland Site, except for private lands in the western area of the floodplain owned by a subsidiary of Clico.
    • Detailed information can be found in the Land Use Conflicts Q&A document.
    • Map - Adobe PDF