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Barbados Physical Development Plan (Amended 1986)

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Document ContentsPagesMBDownload
Full Document 229 231 Document
Executive Summary, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Maps
Chapter 1:  Introduction
17 15 Section 1
Chapter 2:  Background
Chapter 3:  Population Distribution and Settlement Development
17 17 Section 2-3
Chapter 4:  Economic Activities and their Spatial Development Characteristics 26 28 Section 4
Chapter 5:  Housing and Social Infrastructure 36 37 Section 5
Chapter 6:  Transportation and Public Utilities 29 31 Section 6
Chapter 7:  Environmental Conservation
Chapter 8:  Socio-Economic Development Prospects and Spatial Considerations
17 17 Section 7-8
Chapter 9:  Settlement Development Goals and General Strategy 13 12 Section 9
Chapter 10:  Settlement Development and Land Use Policies 27 31 Section 10
Chapter 11:  Sectoral and Location Policies 33 35 Section 11
Chapter 12:  Implementation Framework 14 14 Section 12