Video Tape of Crab Poachers Released

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary today released portions of the security video tapes showing intruders who allegedly killed large numbers of crabs, and caused the deaths of a rare Amazon parrot and one of the spoonbill chicks inside one of the Aviaries.

Click here to watch the security tape clips.

Night cameras recorded groups of up to six poachers carrying bags of crabs and fleeing the Sanctuary after leaving dismembered crabs scattered within the Sanctuary.

The illegal poaching combined with the terrorizing of rare bird species at the Sanctuary has caused severe stress in the remaining bird population at the Sanctuary.  

The Sanctuary and the surrounding Graeme Hall area is recognized as an international wetland of critical importance and a RAMSAR site under the Convention on Wetlands treaty.

Further video analysis is underway.  No arrests have been made, but Sanctuary officials are encouraging anyone with information about the incidents to come forward.