Free Online Educational Resources Announced: Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary makes educational publications available to students, teachers and the public

Peter Allard, Chairman of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary announced that free online educational resources are now available to students, teachers and the general public.

The online booklet "A Self-Guided Tour of the Biology, History and Culture of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary" provides fascinating facts and folklore about Barbados, the Graeme Hall wetland and the eastern Caribbean. 

Other materials include facts about migratory bird navigation, flight and behaviour.

The material can be downloaded free of charge.  It is located online under "Educational Materials" on the Sanctuary's Reference Centre page. 

“Barbados has an amazing cultural and historical legacy that evolved in part from the natural island environment.   We hope that sharing our research and educational outreach materials will help teachers and students alike learn more about their home and the environment," said Allard.