Donations Announced - Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary donates educational materials to Vauxhall Primary School

Vauxhall Primary School received a donation of books, educational toys, games and other items from the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in recognition of students who worked diligently to advance their knowledge of science-based agricultural practices.

On hand to receive the donations were Vauxhall students Celeena Cassie, Makala Mason and Josiah Atkins, along with their Agriculture Science teacher Mr. Adrian Hunte.

Hunte appeared pleased that the hard work of the students was noticed, and described how the educational syllabus at Vauxhall is sophisticated and vital to the future of sustainable agriculture in Barbados.

According to Hunte, the Agricultural Science Programme exposes the students to organic farming, not just in practical ways but also the science of it. During practical sessions, children use cultural methods of weed and pests control; hand picking worms, pulling weeds, mulching with dried weeds and applying organic fertilizers.

 Other student projects on the Vauxhall campus include garbage reduction, recycling, tree planting and establishment of "living laboratory" gardens to teach the importance of plant life in the environment and to observe insects.   These gardens were planted by Mr. Wendel Niles who works at Vauxhall.

"It is inspiring to see students working day in and day out to apply the knowledge learned in school," said an official with the Sanctuary.  "Under the guidance of their teacher and other staffers, we have seen these students produce and maintain successful agricultural and environmental projects at the school over a long period of time."  

"We are especially impressed with how the students have learned about economic relationships between the environment and our quality of life."

According to Hunte, students completed a unit titled "Project Clean Up" that examined the economic fallout from polluted beaches and natural disasters that are worsened by the destruction of Barbados' coral reefs. 

For the new school year Vauxhall is planning an environmental club.

Donations were also made to St. Lawrence School, Oistins Library, Kiwanis and the Child Care Board.

The Sanctuary has made educational materials available online to students, teachers and the general public. 

Located under "Educational Materials" in our Reference Centre is an online booklet "A Self-Guided Tour of the Biology, History and Culture of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary" that provides fascinating facts and folklore about Barbados, the Graeme Hall wetland and the eastern Caribbean.  Other materials include facts about migratory bird navigation, flight and behaviour.

The material can be downloaded free of charge.